Cafe in amman

?  Do you like Coffee? Latte? Hot chocolate 

 ? Do you need a place where you can study, read or work

 ? Do you need a place with a high speed Wi-Fi connection

 ? Do you like the cozy places where you feel at home

 ? Do you play Pictionary, monopoly chess Uno

? Do you like the social and cultural environments




 MAKAN; which means “Place” in English! The name was chosen because of the diversity of its contents, the variety of social and cultural events and the possibility of finding various activities and services that could be interesting for each individual.

MAKAN is more than a place; it is a place that serves coffee, various kinds of hot and soft drinks, different kinds of desserts and some kinds of snacks.

MAKAN could be a suitable place for different people with different interests and backgrounds. Students (locals and internationals) for example; could find MAKAN a very suitable place. MAKAN could be a very suitable place for studying, reading or working where visitors can feel comfortable. There are different provided services like a high speed Wi-Fi connection, some mobile chargers, laptop universal charger and more.

MAKAN is trying to make you feel at home by finding a warm and cozy environment! It is a nice place where you can go with your friends and play various entertaining games like Monopoly, Pictionary, Chess, Uno and more!

From time to time and usually on Fridays; MAKAN hosts different social and cultural events in different fields like music, poetry, comedy, success stories and more. MAKAN is a suitable place for people who are interested in finding a social and cultural place and engaging a rich and a creative environment.

MAKAN is founded in Jabal Amman, near to Rainbow Street, Omar Bin Al-Khattab Street Building No. 36.  For more information; please feel free to contact MAKAN on the following:

Mobile: +962797014428

Landline: +96264610206

Facebook: /makanjor

Twitter/ Instagram/Snapchat: @makanjor